Emerging Product Trends in Asia that May Hit the West

When it comes to introducing new products to the market, count on the Asians to come up with unique consumer goods that can be turned into global products. In a recent report by Product Launch Analytics, new products are being introduced through innovative uses of certain ingredients and utilizing unconventional and counterintuitive flavors to catch consumers’ attention.

Among these innovative products include a “black cheesecake” that has become part of Japanese menu, wherein traditional cheesecake is topped with powdered edible charcoal called binchotan; a “double cheese ice cream” that was recently launched in the Philippines by Nestle, a “first” to include whole pieces of cheese in its formulation (although cheese-flavored ice cream has been around in South East Asia); and a “sparkling soy water” (pictured) made from whole Japanese soy beans.

Source: The Retail Bulletin
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